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Steering Inspections and Repairs

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In business since 1996, Balcatta Tyrepower is a good choice when it comes to all of your steering needs. Our trained staff will work professionally to repair your steering and keep your cost cheap while doing it.

Loss of steering can be a very dangerous dilemma when it comes to your vehicle. Luckily, Balcatta Tyrepower has a workforce that is trained properly to repair all of your steering and make your car safe to drive again. The staff will help you determine exactly what needs to be done in order to repair your steering and provide you with the lowest cost possible, as well as provide you with name-brand products in your car that you can trust.

In service since being founded in 1996, Balcatta Tyrepower is a highly-trusted service provider with a highly-trained and trusted staff that will work hard to help you keep your tyres and tyre-related vehicle functions in check, keeping your vehicle safe for both yourself and your passengers.

In order to keep your vehicle safe for both yourself and those who ride with you, bring it in to Balcatta Tyrepower to have it inspected and repaired.

By being aligned with Australia’s Biggest Independent Tyre Retailer in Perth, Balcatta Tyrepower is a trusted service provider for customers’ tyre and tyre-related needs. We provide the best brands at the lowest possible prices. Our knowledgeable staff work hard to provide the best services, as well as cheap tyres in Perth and cheap services to go along with them. Along with serving Perth, Balcatta Tyrepower also offers cheap tyres in Osborne Park, Malaga, and Wangara.

Balcatta Tyrepower offers a variety of tyre services, as well as brake, suspension, and other various mechanical services to keep your vehicle in top condition. Our mechanics work hard to keep all services quick and efficient, while keeping costs down, making our services affordable for you.

As a vehicle service provider since 1996, Balcatta Tyrepower has experience in keeping all vehicle services extremely cost-efficient and quick for our customers.

If you notice any sloppiness, juddering, floating, or other issues with your steering, make sure to book in with Balcatta Tyrepower for a check as soon as possible. Even better, to ensure that your steering is maintained to Balcatta conditions we recommend regular checks. Schedule them in with your wheel alignment for peace of mind.

Your cars power steering system is very complex and is perhaps the most overlooked of all vehicle systems that require regular maintenance. It is an extremely complicated and sophisticated hydraulic mechanism. The system usually contains a power steering pump, drive belts, bearings, valves, hoses and seals.

Regular servicing is a better option than waiting for things to go wrong and then facing expensive steering repairs. A power steering service involves a safety and performance inspection of the entire system. After this, you should ask for recommendations (if needed) that will make your power steering system safe.

Why are the little rubber bits under my car important to my cars suspension system?

The little rubber bits are called bushes or bushings and are designed to allow flexibility in the suspension system whilst ensuring correct mounting and alignment of individual suspension components. Bushes are used to ensure correct positioning of components such as sway bars, shock absorbers, torsion bars and control arms. Suspension bushes can, aid in cornering, making your driving more exhilarating, reduce the harshness of your vehicles ride and enhance the comfort of your vehicle.

Damage or worn bushes impact on your vehicles tyre wear, steering and braking systems. Checking your vehicles bushes should be part of any safety inspection of your car.

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