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Balcatta Tyrepower are your best choice for logbook servicing in Balcatta.


Balcatta Tyrepower specialise in a whole lot more than just tyres and wheels. Our team of fully qualified technicians are equipped with the latest to service most makes and models.

Are you in need of a quick service? Or perhaps you have come across an issue that needs to be addressed quickly with your car? Our same day booking service for mechanical, wheels and tyres is your best option.

Our services in Balcatta include:

  • Minor and major mechanical repairs and servicing
  • Batteries
  • Brake repairs
  • Tyre puncture
  • Steering repairs
  • Suspension
  • Tyres and Wheels
  • Wheel balancing
  • Wheel Alignments

Our Balcatta mechanical team can do it all!

Our team of trained mechanical experts are capable of servicing most makes and models, new and old. Balcatta Tyrepower handles everything from logbook servicing, right through to mechanical servicing and more.

It’s our great customer service that gets our customers coming back time and time again. A reliable and honest mechanic is hard to find these days. Knowing your car is at the right place and in the right hands here at Tyrepower Balcatta is our promise to you.

Batteries at Balcatta Tyrepower

Are you experiencing battery issues? If so, there is a fair chance your battery is on its way out. Winter can play havoc on your battery and electrical car systems.

Tyrepower Balcatta stocks a large range of car and vehicle batteries for most makes and models from a brand you can trust. Century batteries have provided Australians with a great, reliable product for over 9 decades.

Brake, steering and suspension repairs

Your braking, steering and suspension components are extremely important to keep in check, which is why Tyrepower Balcatta is a great choice in checks and services. Booking your car in has never been easier with TP Balcatta, simply book online through our booking portal or give us a call today.

Brakes are considered an important safety feature of your car. A good set of working brakes will ensure your car can pull up to a stop in the chance of an emergency. It is important to attend to any braking issues you might encounter, from squealing brakes to a constant metal on metal sound, even when no brakes are applied. If this sounds like your car, you had best contact Tyrepower Balcatta.

Steering and suspension repairs can be carried out at Tyrepower Balcatta by experienced mechanical service staff. We use only the best parts and accessories for your passenger car, work vehicle or 4WD.

Wheel balancing and alignments at Tyrepower Balcatta

When it comes to putting new tyres and wheels on your car, it's extremely important to have them correctly balanced and aligned. These two services can be overlooked as an extra cost or one of the same thing but here, we’ll explain the difference.

Wheel balancing is the method of balancing the wheel after a new or old tyre has been fitted. Small weights are applied to the rim of the wheel to counterweight any difference once the wheel is spinning at high speed.

A wheel alignment is completed after the wheels have been fitted to your car. Highly sensitive equipment is used to ensure your wheels are pointing correctly. This includes toe, camber and caster angles. If incorrect alignment is occurring, your car may perform incorrectly with vibrations or you will simply wear your tyres out excessively fast.

Booking your car in at Tyrepower Balcatta

It's easy to book your car in for any of the above services here at Tyrepower Balcatta. Simply give us a call today on (08) 9345 2977 or use our booking service portal here, you can even request a quote online.

Request a quote and we will be in touch via SMS shortly

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