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Puncture tyre repairs

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The tread pattern, depth, and tyre all have an impact on the nature, location, and cause of a puncture. Not all punctures cause flat tyres and not all flat tyres are caused by punctures.

It’s been found that nails are the most common cause of punctures, and, in many cases, they have been present on the tyre for a reasonable period of time before the leak is noticed.

A flat tyre is something you may not have given much thought to until it actually happens. Not everyone would have the knowledge and necessary tools in the event of a tyre puncture.

That’s why we are going to answer some of the common questions asked by customers, including ‘Can I drive on a flat tyre?’, and ‘What are the signs I’m driving on a flat tyre?’.

Can I drive on a flat tyre?

The short answer is: no. Driving on a flat tyre can result in decreased car handling capabilities and can potentially result in significant damage to the vehicle’s parts, such as the steering system, brakes, alignment of the wheels, suspension, etc.

It may be ok to travel a very short distance at a decreasing speed only to pull your car over in a safe location. However, whenever possible, you shouldn’t drive on a flat tyre at all.

If your vehicle has run-flat tyres, you may be able to keep driving even if you get a puncture. This is because run-flat tyres are designed to maintain a reasonable level of handling, durability, and performance even if they get punctured.

What are the signs I’m driving on a flat tyre?

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You’ll easily know you have a flat tyre when your tyre pressure warning light is on. Other warning signs that will tell you you have a punctured tyre are:

  • Apparent flatness or sagging
  • A lot of vibration when driving
  • Depending on which side of the affected tyre is on, your car may want to veer to one side or the other.
  • You hear a booming or thumping sound
  • Your vehicle slows down despite heavy acceleration

A flat tyre

If you notice any of these symptoms, pull over to the side of the road in a safe spot and inspect your tyres for damage.

If you’re unfamiliar with your vehicle tool kit or aren’t in a safe place to change a tyre, the smartest and safest option in this situation is to call for road assistance. Remember to put your hazard lights on if needed.

If you manage to replace your punctured tyre with a spare one, come to our Tyrepower store in Balcatta so we can assess the condition of your damaged tyre. Our tyre puncture repair service may be the better choice for your car.

Services at Tyrepower Balcatta

Tyrepower is your local tyre and wheel shop in Balcatta and surrounding areas, including Duncraig, Karrinyup. North beach, Marangaroo and Girrawheen. We stock tyres from quality brands for cars, 4WDs, SUVs, and trucks, including Kumho, Maxxis, Cooper, Vitora and Toyo.

Apart from tyre puncture repairs, at Tyrepower Balcatta, we offer a wide range of automotive services, including mechanical repairs, and battery testing, along with a number of other relevant services to improve the performance and longevity of your tyres. This includes wheel alignment and balancing and tyre fitting. Here at Balcatta Tyrepower, we'll even ensure that your old tyre is recycled!

While your car is being fixed at our workshop, you’re welcome to explore the Balcatta suburb. There are some parks around you could benefit from. The Rickman Delawney Reserve, for example, is only 8 minutes walk from our Tyrepower store, which is a great choice if you have your kids in tow. If you’re feeling really active, you could even enjoy a game of tennis on the courts available in the reserve!

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Repair your flat tyre at Tyrepower Balcatta

If you have the unfortunate experience of a tyre puncture in Balcatta or the surrounding areas, Tyrepower can help.

If you are able to fit a space saver or regular spare tyre on your car, come to our store at Unit 4 / 436 Wanneroo Road, Westminster and we’ll give you some options for either fixing the punctured tyre or replacing it if necessary.

Alternatively, you can book our services online or give us a call on (08) 9345 2977 and our friendly staff will be happy to assist you.

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